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How we govern
our business

Our approach to governance

Taste Holdings believes that good corporate governance, which includes transparency and accountability, is key to the integrity of our organisation and our ability to manage risk and perform at optimum levels.

Underpinning our disciplined approach to governance is our determination to ensure we maintain a balance between good governance and the spirit of entrepreneurship that has built our business.

We recognise that strategy, performance, sustainability and risk are inseparable. Our board also takes into consideration the concerns and priorities of our wider stakeholder environment in its strategic guidance and decision-making process.

To ensure that we consistently practise effective corporate governance throughout the Taste Holdings group, our board materially applies the principles of The King IV Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa, 2016 (King IV) and the Listings Requirements of the JSE Limited (JSE Listings Requirements) (see the King IV Register Index and our reporting in terms of section 3.84 of the JSE Listings Requirements on our website www.tasteholdings.co.za, under corporate governance section).

Statement of compliance

JSE Limited
The company is subject to, and remains compliant with, the JSE Listings Requirements.

Our board governance structure

Governance and management systems

Good governance is the cornerstone of the Taste Holdings group’s board and committee structure. Our board recognises its leadership role in taking responsibility for the governance of the group and it sets the company’s values and is responsible for establishing and maintaining a strong ethical culture throughout the group.

Our board performs its governance responsibilities within a framework of policies and controls which provide for effective risk assessment and management of our economic, environmental and social performance. The board’s responsibilities are outlined in its charter which the board reviews and adopts annually. Mandates, charters and terms of reference governing the board and its committees are available from our Company Secretary. The board also plays an important role in setting ethical standards of conduct for the group.

The board charter, which is closely aligned with the recommendations of King IV, details the responsibilities and duties of the board, which are also addressed in our memorandum of incorporation.

Shareholders are required to elect the members of our audit and risk committee, which is a statutory committee in terms of the Companies Act, at our annual general meeting. The members of our social, ethics and transformation committee, which is also a statutory committee, are reappointed annually by the board.