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Executive and investment

DJ Crosson
H van Eeden
D Pienaar

Given recent changes to management, this committee needs to be reconstituted with the intention of meeting monthly or as often as required to review detailed operating performance of the company and assess capital allocation proposals in line with the board’s mandate.

As at the reporting date, the committee comprises three executive directors and the group commercial executive, by invitation. The group CEO is the chairperson and the group CFO the deputy chairperson.

The executive committee comprises the group’s executive directors. It is responsible for the daily running of the group and regularly reviews current operations in detail and develops strategy and policy proposals for submission to the board.

The CEO liaises on a regular basis with the CFO and other directors, with regard to matters concerning the daily running of the group to be raised at the committee meetings. The executive committee meets at least once a month, assists the CEO with the performance of his duties, and is responsible for, inter alia:

  • developing strategy, operational plans, policies, procedures and budgets for consideration by the board;
  • implementing the group’s strategy;
  • carrying out the board’s mandates and directives;
  • the operational activities of the Taste Holdings group;
  • monitoring operational and financial performance against set objectives ;
  • executing Taste Holdings’ compliance and disclosure obligations; and
  • deciding on capital allocation across the group, including replacement and investment capital, based on proposals submitted by the divisions in terms of the board-agreed investment mandate.